Everflow Enhances Online Marketing Compliance With Ezepo

Everflow Enhances Online Marketing Compliance With EzepoEzepo today announced that Everflow, a top-rated performance marketing tracking and analytics platform is now fully integrated with their email and phone opt-out and suppression list management software. Everflow customers now have the ability to seamlessly manage unsubscribe requests using the industry-leading technology provided by Ezepo. With this new partnership the combination of Everflow and Ezepo represents the most advanced, modern and highest performing tracking and compliance solution available for advertisers and affiliate networks today.

Are you practicing safe affiliate email marketing?

Using affiliates for your email marketing offers great leverage for increasing your company’s exposure and to attract new customers. Affiliates allow your company to gain exposure to new markets without having to own the data. In many cases, affiliates may have a specific demographic breakdown, which can allow you to run a more targeted email marketing campaign, thus greatly increasing your conversion rate. Essentially, affiliates can help increase the ROI of your email marketing efforts.