Email List CleansingOur online tools for email list cleansing give you the power to upload your entire database. Ezepo offers a revolutionary new way to get the job done using our email list cleansing service and server-side email scrubbing. Our software lets you upload bulk email address lists and quickly check for incorrect email addresses, and duplicates. And you can do all of this at an incredibly reasonable price! Ezepo provides the best Email List Cleansing Service and Server-Side email list Scrubbing.

What Makes Our Service Different Than Other Software Services

  1. Ezepo software can coordinate compliance across multiple email deployment systems by automatically collecting and distributing opt-outs to where ever needed.
  2. We have direct API access to opt-out data available to email marketing affiliates.
  3. Ezepo can manage phone number opt-outs in addition to email and domains.
  4. You can have numerous customized opt-out sites in one system, that can be used for multiple brands, websites, verticals and the exit traffic (after a consumer unsubscribes) can be directed to up to three different places.
  5. Ezepo has many unique ways to make sure your data stays encrypted with software giveaways, Server-Side Email Scrubbing, and controls at the affiliate level.
  6. Easiest platform to use.
  7. Newest technology.

This is how it Works – Get a ready-to-use marketing list delivered with the opt-outs automatically removed using Server-Side Email Scrubbing

Server-side email scrubbing is the process wherein a user uploads their marketing list via the web based program (Ezepo), the user chooses an opt-out list to scrub against using a drop down menu and clicks “Start.” Ezepo then removes (scrubs) the unsubscribe requests from the marketing list by processing the data on our servers (server side scrub), and then returns a “download” link when it is ready. The user then can save their cleaned marketing list on their computer. When we say, “cleaned” we are referring to a marketing list that has all the opt-outs removed.

Email List Cleansing Service and more – Ezepo Cleans Opt-Out Lists for 3 Data Types – Domain Name, Phone Number, and Email

The other way Ezepo cleans opt-out lists is by making sure that they do not have any syntax errors (incorrect characters, missing “@”, “.com”, etc.) or any duplicates. Opt-out lists frequently have some garbage in them, and uploading millions of email addresses some are going to be formatted incorrectly or have some random space, missing character, etc. We straighten all the data out and place it in a nice clean-up file. Since we support three data types (email, domains, and phone numbers-we’re the only solution on the market that supports phone number data) we can then take a mixed up file and make three clean files (emails, domains, telephone numbers) from any data uploaded into Ezepo. So what we “clean” is the badly formatted or not real data from uploaded opt-out files, we don’t remove “bad” email addresses, spam traps, etc. in this case.

How our service differs from Email Marketing Companies such as Constant Contact, Vertical Response, AWeber, Mailchimp, etc.?

  1. Ezepo lets you market outside of those platforms, so you can increase your market reach by using affiliate marketers and rented email lists.
  2. Our software lets you coordinate all the opt-outs being generated by those and other systems so your compliance is total/comprehensive.
  3. We have data security and data access features they don’t have, such as MD5 Data Encryption and alerts based on data access.
  4. Ezepo has compliance alerts that are unique that trigger when campaigns are active and the email marketing list(s) have not been scrubbed, there is a spike in opt-out activity, or a complaint from a subscriber/consumer.

If you want to learn more, or are excited to start cleaning your email lists, then contact Ezepo today.