Growing your business using the customer acquisition through email marketing method is valuable, but time consuming, can be costly, and eventually brings you face to face with a search for the best email compliance solutions. Why? Because if you do it wrong you may incur hefty fines and if you do it right it takes time and resources. You can save time with Ezepo’s automation.

Save Time and Money Using Automated Email Compliance Solutions

Most internet marketers invest a lot of time and money in email marketing and managing subscribers that opt-out. You can be smarter and use what we believe to be one of the best email compliance solutions. Once you install the Ezepo application and you set it properly, you can forget about it, it is automated. The user-friendly interface, the affordability, and the flexibility recommend Ezepo as one of the best email compliance automation tools on the market. It can save you a lot of time you and we know you would rather invest in focusing on your clients and on growing your business.

Email Compliance Solutions

Ezepo Email Compliance Solutions Provide:

  • Aggregate opt-outs from multiple email lists
  • Automatic removal of all these opt-outs
  • Controlling and tracking of opt-out data access
  • Collect and access opt-out data via APIs
  • The highest download speed on the market
  • Encrypted data access management
  • MD5 encryption for effective data protection
  • Seamless automation that can save you time
  • Server-side scrubbing
  • Data sharing available among Ezepo users

This is how Email Opt Out Lists and Email Compliance Solutions work Together.

Creating Single Opt In and Double Opt In Lists

Let’s see how you can create Opt In Lists and Double Opt In Lists and why you’d need them. Unlike email opt out lists, email opt in lists contain people who actively subscribe to your communication. They can either do it by checking a box or by filling in a form you provide them on your website. They enter their email address, they check a box to agree that they want to receive your messages, and then they hit the Submit button to have their name added on your list.

The advantage of Double Opt In Lists is that subscribers actively say they want to receive communication from you. This makes these people extremely responsive, as they may look forward to receiving your new messages. Such lists have the highest ROI, as they consist of fully qualified leads. The subscribing process is the one described above. For the Double Opt In once they subscribe, these people receive a message from you, letting them know they have to click a link, in order to confirm they want to be part of your list. This eliminates the possibility that some of these people are on your list by accident. They have to confirm they are genuinely interested in receiving your messages, so they are easy to turn into paying customers or clients at some point.

Double Opt In High Quality Leads

This type of list may be a bit slower to grow, but it has the huge advantage of being extremely lucrative. These high quality leads are all yours, so it’s in your power to keep them close to you and to turn them into loyal fans and paying clients. You won’t be able to eliminate spam, but you’d have a much cleaner list to start with. The only drawback is that the list building process is much slower than Email Opt Out List or the Single Opt In List methods. With the Double Opt In we find that people are usually in a hurry, so completing two actions to subscribe to a list might be too much for many of them. Besides, humans are naturally lazy beings, so they may give up or become annoyed because they can’t be bothered to complete the subscription process.

The Options

If your main priority is to grow your list very quickly, you could try building an Email Opt Out type of list first. However, if your priority is to build a high quality list, consisting of highly qualified leads, you should go for the single Email Opt In or even Double Opt In lists, as they can provide you a much more responsive audience. A word of caution – Be very careful when renting or purchasing a list if you take that route. You should always ask what type of list it has originally been, as this is going to have a huge influence on your results. Keep in mind that people will unsubscribe if they do not wish to receive email from you any longer. You need to keep control of your email marketing lists and we can help.

Choosing Ezepo as one of the best email compliance solutions is easy. It is something you should invest some effort in if you are committed to doing email marketing the proper way. Get in touch with us today.