Suppression list management

Collecting and maintaining your suppression list data doesn’t need to be a difficult and painful part of your business. Ezepo brings powerful and intuitive features without the complexity and confusion so you can feel confident about your compliance. In just minutes you can configure custom opt-out sites, control the flow of incoming unsubscribe requests and distribute your data to all of your business units and third party marketing partners.

A Truly Awesome Interface

Ezepo boasts an attractive, easy-to-use interface that has received rave reviews from our clients. We know compliance is just part of your business, so we try to make things easy. Ezepo removes time-consuming processes from your workday and allows you to upload data, collect opt-out requests, distribute your suppression lists, and so much more with just a few clicks.

Easy & Flexible Data Collection

When a subscriber chooses to opt-out of your communications the process should be a quick, simple and reassuring experience. With our easy to customize opt-out sites you have complete control of the process from start to finish. Employ your own messaging, display your own privacy statements and direct subscribers back to your own site once the opt-out process is complete. Ezepo puts end to end control in your hands like no other provider.

Link Lists & Control Data Flow

Every business is unique and your compliance needs may evolve over time. With our powerful linking features you can quickly and easily combine lists together in many different ways. Prevent marketing to your current customers, add opt-out requests to multiple lists at the same time or quickly aggregate multiple lists for easy distribution. With Ezepo the sky is the limit on how you manage your suppression list data.

Compliance oversight & brand protection

When working with third party marketing partners or even other business units in your organization it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse when compliance is concerned. Falling out of compliance with current laws and regulations can not only be very expensive but extremely damaging to your brand as well. With Ezepo you can quickly and easily monitor those who have access to your suppression data and obtain important feedback from subscribers.

See Who is Doing What

Ezepo maintains a clear and easy to understand audit trail over your entire organization’s compliance performance. Easily see who has uploaded new data to your lists, which third party marketing partners have (or have not) downloaded suppression data and quickly identify potential compliance risks.

Search Records Quickly

Understand exactly how and when a subscriber was added to your suppression list it just seconds with Ezepo. Our search technology is extremely fast giving your the ability to put your finger on critical compliance information for any subscriber in your system without wasting any time. Simply put Ezepo has the most powerful search capabilities in the industry saving you precious time.

Subscriber Alerts

Gain advanced insights with valuable feedback directly from subscribers. Ezepo lets you engage subscribers by allowing them to forward a copy of the actual message they received directly to your system for review. With this feedback you can quickly and easily understand how the behavior of your third party marketers or distinct business units is impacting your compliance and brand identity.

Advanced automation

Ezepo helps save massive amounts of time with powerful automation features carefully designed to help remove the burden of repetitive tasks. While maintaining compliance will always require some hands on interaction from your team some things should just happen for you. Easily configure basic automated tasks to manage the flow of data in and out of your compliance platform while having the ability to expand and integrate Ezepo with the rest of your organization with ease.

Direct Data Pull

With suppression lists maintained by a third party the challenge has always been how to quickly and easily maintain compliance without the manual labor. Ezepo Direct Data Pull or DDP allows you to automatically fetch data from third parties and add it to your suppression lists without lifting a finger. Keep your lists freshly updated effortlessly while resting easy knowing your organization is fully compliant.

Powerful API

Extend your compliance across your entire organization with our industry leading API. Ezepo is fully documented and a breeze to work with. Our API allows you to build powerful integration with your other business systems to streamline and automate compliance directly with the platforms you are already using. Generate links, fetch opt-out data and even deploy new suppression lists all behind the scenes.

Automatic Link Deployment

Deliver important opt-out and suppression list download links to your third party marketers or other business units automatically. Don’t wait for your partners to request the information they need to maintain compliance when you can remove these hurdles with Ezepo and encourage best practices.

Lightning fast alerts & notifications

Through various integration and system monitoring technologies Ezepo can alert you to potential problems before they become serious compliance violations. Save your organization from tedious oversight tasks while reducing the time it takes to identify serious compliance violations.

Always Watching

Our technology is constantly searching for signs of potential non-compliant behavior and we don’t waste any time alerting you when we spot something. Through our integration with select tracking platforms we can rapidly spot potential problems like third parties driving traffic to your offers without first downloading suppression list data or sudden spikes in opt-out requests.

React Quickly to Problems

Ezepo works fast to help you resolve both potential compliance issues as well as blatant violations. Alerts are relayed directly to you in real time and articulate potential violations and all parties involved bringing you the information you need to react in an instant.

Custom Notifications

Alerts and notifications are great and having complete control over your notifications is even better. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to who is notified both within your organization as well as third parties and when these notifications occur. Configure your alerts and notifications to work within your business to provide the information most important to you and your partners without creating unnecessary noise.