Email Marketing Campaign ComplianceRunning an email marketing campaign is a great way to convert sales or get new business. The goal is to get people interested in your product and/or services. The problem is you need to make sure you are not violating any laws such as the Can-Span Act or you could have major problems when hit with violations. To avoid this you should explore more of the rules to understand the benefits of email marketing campaign compliance. This way you can stay within the measures of the law, but also know the laws will help keep you out of trouble with your marketing campaigns when using electronic addresses.

Email Marketing Campaign Compliance Starts with the Subject Line

Within the CAN SPAM Act, Section 5(a)(1) and 5(a)(2) talks about using misleading subject headers and how you cannot use these to trick people into clicking on the emails. What you will discover is this is actually going to help you because you have a chance to get your subscribers to gain trust in your emails. Because they are also going to get an email that is focuses on the topic in the subject line and main point of the email. Therefore, you will not be misleading anyone on your mailing list by sending information to get him or her to click open the email based on a bogus subject line. If the subject line is misleading it will only disappoint the consumer and generally get you reported for Spam.

Buying Non-Opt-In Email Address Lists

Section 5(a)(4) addresses an issue that a lot of email marketers will want to try and avoid. The fact that people are still buying mailing lists left and right on the Internet. This often means people buy a list from someone who may have procured the lists in a less than scrupulous manner and then sells the list to marketers who do not create or collect their own lists. In this section of the CAN SPAM Act, it prohibits this type of action, which will make it easier for you in the long run. If you have an opt-in mailing list your emails go to the people who want to get them. Though some may eventually opt-out you are not going to be sending out information to people who did not want or agree to be on your list.

Harvesting Email Addresses Crosses the Line

Harvesting of email addresses is something that you need to avoid when it crosses the line. There is no law against asking someone if he/she want to be on your mailing list or receive your newsletter via your website form as long as one knows when they signup. Spammers will go to any length to try and obtain a valid email address.

As an example you may have received an email that looks something like this in the (To section). An email sent to:,,, etc. Any of those accepted for delivery and not rejected by the host recipient email server are added to a list of speculatively valid email addresses for the domain used in the (To section) of the email. This is known as random addresses harvesting and is not legal and covered in section 5(b)(1). Because you know better than to do this now it is going to make it easier for you to avoid SPAMMing people who do not want to get your information. Definitely something you will want to avoid or allow anyone within your company, affiliates, or an associated organization to do. Thus it is going to make it easier for you to avoid future problems with email marketing.

If you conform to the laws of the CAN SPAM Act you can create a double opt-in mailing list but do it right and follow the rules. When someone opt-outs or refuses to opt-in you put them on your suppression list.

Advantages of Running a Complaint Email Marketing Campaign

Running an email marketing campaign is a great way to have a high number of conversions, help you gain more customers or clients or even make more money online if you are a retailer. However, you should know that there are laws in place to protect the consumer of the products on the Internet. This is why you need to understand the laws to protect consumers and then you can understand the benefits of email marketing campaign compliance within the CAN-SPAM law. By knowing about this it will be easier for you to get the results you want from your marketing and know that you are avoiding any threats of violation of the laws.

To adhere to the law and get better results and return on your marketing dollars let Ezepo help you with email marketing campaign compliance and managing your suppression lists.