An Opt-Out Compliance Solution that helps protect your brand is paramount in saving you time, money, and headaches if one of your affiliates ever violates CAN SPAM rules. Affiliate Email Compliance is a must if you run affiliate programs or work with third-party partners or vendors.

Advertisers are well aware of the fact that email marketing offers the largest ROI for online media – all they need to do is get some help with the opt-out compliance, particularly with Affiliate Email Compliance. This is very important, although many advertisers fail to allocate resources or time to manage it.

Accurate Affiliate Email Compliance Protects Your Brand

A lot of times, an affiliate or agency is required to collect opt-outs on the client’s behalf. In these situations, they need to be able to be transferred to email marketers with ease. Ezepo does that job for you, daily fetching opt-out data and automatically sharing it with users, with no need for any effort on your part.

By managing the opt-out process and distributing opt-out data for your advertisers, you make their lives easier and add value. You allow them to concentrate on growing the company, while they protect their brand and remain compliant.

Affiliate Marketing Is Powerful – But It Will Hurt You If You Fail to Follow the CAN-SPAM Rules

Affiliate Email ComplianceHere is a breakdown that should help you understand it further: Affiliate Marketing is a way to advertise a product, in which business rewards its affiliates for each customer or visitor that the affiliate manages to bring in. The industry has four main players – the brand (also referred to as the ‘merchant’ or ‘brand’, the network (which has the offers that affiliates can use and manages payments), the affiliate (also referred to as ‘the publisher’, and the customer. Since this market has been growing in complexity, we often have a secondary tier of players involved – which includes super-affiliates, affiliate management agencies, and specialized third-party vendors.

Affiliate marketing inevitably overlaps with other methods of Internet marketing, since the affiliates tend to use regular methods of advertising. These include SEO (organic Search Engine Optimization), paid search engine advertising (Pay per Click), content marketing, email marketing, and even display advertising. Affiliates will often use less common techniques as well, such as publishing a review of a service or product that a partner offers.

Affiliate marketing is often confused with referral marketing. While they are similar in the regard that they both use third parties in order to drive sales and conversions, they are distinct marketing forms. The main difference lies in the fact that affiliate marketing relies on financial motivations to drive sales, paying affiliates to share a product or service, while referral marketing relies on personal relationships and trust to do that.

Many advertisers overlook affiliate marketing. While search engines, website syndication, and email get a lot of attention from online retailers, affiliate marketing carries a lower profile. Either way, it does play an important role in the marketing strategies of online retailers.

Protect Your Brand Using Ezepo to Monitor Affiliate Email Compliance

If are involved with affiliates marketing your products or services, protect your brand with Ezepo to monitor affiliate email marketing compliance. It is simply good business and PR to respect the subscribers’ opt-out requests, and failing to do can have serious, expensive legal consequences. If an affiliate working on your behalf emails an opt-out recipient (regardless of whether it’s purposeful or an accident) you can be held responsible, and that error may incur fines of up to $40,000 for each violation. Add that up times just 1000 emails sent to people on your opt-out list and you have major problems.

More About How it Works at Ezepo

Not only you’ll get your opt-outs delivered at lightning fast speeds, and free of errors, you’ll have efficient access to that data, making being compliant much easier. You’ll receive oversight and alerts for your opt-out activity, and get important feedback from your subscribers regarding non-compliant emails, knowing what exactly was sent, and by whom.

Ezepo is the perfect Affiliate Email Compliance Solution, protecting you from negative brand exposure due to spam emailing, and preventing customers from getting re-marketed to by others. You are entirely responsible for opt-out compliance, even those generated by third party affiliates. Contact us now by phone at +1 (510) 619-4745 or use our contact form here to get started and avoid headaches, possible fines, and spam violations.