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Collect opt-outs

Email opt-out compliance is required by law. You want an adaptable, all-in-one solution that is simple, smart and effective. Ezepo allows you to check all the boxes of opt-out compliance without the need to add another member to your technology team.

  • Give consumers the ability to opt-out
  • Simplify how you work with third-party marketers
  • Automatically pull data from multiple sources
  • Control exit traffic
  • Customize your opt-out sites
  • Data cleaning
  • Manage new opt-outs
  • Link multiple opt-out databases
  • Mobile-friendly features
  • Manage emails, domains AND phone numbers
  • Have everything in one place

Stay compliant

You don't need to waste time and money on opt-out compliance. With Ezepo, you can set it and forget it. You can benefit from a straightforward design that provides you with tools that are affordable, flexible, and automated. Ezepo will save you time so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Save time with automation
  • Identify which opt-outs you already have
  • Share data with other Ezepo users
  • Easily access opt-out data through APIs
  • Fastest download time in the industry
  • Automatically remove opt-outs from marketing lists
  • Server-side scrubbing
  • Aggregate opt-outs from different lists
  • Control and track opt-out data access
  • Manage encrypted data access
  • Protect data using MD5 encryption

Protect your brand

Email marketing fines can drain your company's finances and damage your brand. Ezepo gives you critical email marketing oversight and provides crucial alerts regarding non-compliant activity. It is an essential part of your company's risk management strategy.

  • Oversee third-party marketing compliance
  • Audit non-compliant emails
  • Prevent re-marketing to your prospects and clients
  • Track when affiliates have been non-compliant
  • Adapts as enterprise-level application software
  • Alerts for excessive opt-outs
  • Secure cloud-based architecture
  • Real time back-up

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About Us

We are industry veterans building online marketing compliance tools that are user-friendly and effective.

Laura Belzer
Laura is an industry veteran with over 12 years of online marketing experience. She understands the explicit need for building smart, simple, adaptable tools for compliance and data protection. Prior to Ezepo, Laura founded Abacus Affiliates, a network of online marketers, which was featured in the June 9, 2003 article, "E-mail Message Blitz Creates What May Be Fastest Fad Ever." She was listed as one of "10 Great Women of CPA Affiliate Marketing," and has helped dozens of clients launch their online advertising campaigns. In 2012, she realized a passion for compliance, made the switch from marketing to software development, and created Ezepo, LLC.
Laura is an industry veteran with over 12 years of online marketing experience. She understands the explicit need for building smart, simple, adaptable tools for compliance and data protection. In 2012, she realized a passion for compliance, made the switch from marketing to software development, and created Ezepo, LLC.

Laura BelzerFounder / Managing Director

Nick worked with the Concord Monitor, a New Hampshire newspaper leading the industry in the transition from print to digital media. He later established a web hosting company, serving small and medium sized enterprises, which led him to a career in email marketing. Nick's largest client was Abacus Affiliates, whom he joined in 2011 as their Chief Technology Officer. Nick was responsible for building the SaaS-based email compliance platform at Abacus, which eventually became Ezepo, LLC. Nick is proficient in HTML, Javascript, and Python. He regularly shares his insights at email service provider training events hosted by industry leaders, such as Dyn.
Nick worked with the Concord Monitor, a New Hampshire newspaper leading the industry in the transition from print to digital media. He regularly shares his insights at email service provider training events hosted by industry leaders, such as Dyn.

Nick CerielloCo-Founder / Technical Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Email has the highest ROI of any form on online marketing - as much as $38 returned for every $1 spent. It far surpasses organic search. According to a 2016 report by Mailgen, "54% of marketers rate email as the most effective type of digital marketing and the least difficult to execute. 89% of marketers said that email was their primary channel for lead generation." The Direct Marketing Association reports that businesses now attribute more than one fifth of their sales to email marketing. Email marketing is an essential part of your business' overall digital marketing plan.
There are several laws that govern commercial email around the globe. In the United States, it is the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. In Canada, it is the Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). And the European Union has the European Directive on Privacy. All of them require a digital opt-out mechanism - that's exactly what Ezepo provides.

A subscriber who wants to avoid receiving future messages from an advertiser can opt-out by entering their email address on an opt-out site. The addresses entered on this site become part of an opt-out list, which is sometimes referred to as a "suppression list." Future email marketing campaigns will not include email addresses from this list in compliance with the law.

The US CAN-SPAM Act requires advertisers to remove the email address of any subscriber who has opted-out from receiving future emails within ten (10) business days of their unsubscribe request. The opt-out mechanism must continue operating for at least thirty (30) days after the subscriber received the message. Violating this rule can result in penalty of up to $16,000 for each separate violation. Ezepo is a complete solution that keeps your company compliant and protected, so that you can avoid paying such stiff penalties.
Your business will spend several hours a week managing opt-out compliance. Ezepo's automated features do all of the work for you to collect, manage and distribute opt-outs, so that you stay compliant.

You can collect opt-outs from multiple sources and create a comprehensive hub of opt-out compliance. Smart features include activity alerts, data access controls and insight into non-compliance. Opt-outs can be automatically removed from marketing lists, downloaded as files or fetched via the API with speed. Easily transfer opt-outs between platforms, coordinating internal and external marketing campaigns with zero effort.

Ezepo hosts your opt-out pages (yes, plural) with customizable opt-out sites for advertisers who have more than one brand, website, or who simply want to re-direct opt-outs differently for each source of traffic-you choose where to send subscribers as they leave your page. Ezepo has mobile friendly features such as one-click opt-outs, and collects phone numbers. It's simple and powerful.

Ezepo is built on industry-leading cloud based architecture. Its straightforward design lets you find what you need, when you need it. Ezepo is like an affordable part of your tech team. When added up, the value is clear.
It is simply good business to be compliant and respect email subscribers' opt-out requests. Plus, non-compliance has obvious legal consequences.

Your opt-outs are delivered free of errors at lightning fast speeds. Efficient access to opt-out data makes being compliant easier. Receive alerts and oversight into your opt-out activity. Plus, you'll get important feedback from subscribers about non-compliant email. See exactly what was sent and by whom.

Ezepo helps you avoid negative brand exposure and prevents your customers from being re-marketed to by third-parties. It is important to note that you are entirely responsible for your email marketing opt-out compliance, including opt-outs that are generated by third-party affiliates on your behalf. With Ezepo, you have a quick and easy-to-use way to collect and distribute all opt-outs, even with third-parties. You can rest assured that we've got you covered.

The bottom line is, if you are compliant with the laws that govern email messages, your company and its brand are protected.
Ezepo works simultaneously with multiple email marketing platforms and performs well as an opt-out compliance hub. If you use more than one platform for sending out emails, Ezepo will automatically coordinate opt-outs that are generated from those multiple sources. You can be compatible on multiple fronts with just one tool. This saves time and money.
Yes. Advertisers know that email marketing offers the greatest ROI for their online media budget. They just may need some help with opt-out compliance. This is something a lot of advertisers do not have the time or resources available to manage.

Plus, sometimes affiliates and agencies are required to collect opt-outs on behalf of their client. These need to be transferred to all email marketers easily. Ezepo fetches opt-out data daily and automatically shares it with other users with no effort required.

By taking care of your advertisers' opt-out process and distributing their opt-out data, you're adding value. You're giving them the ability to grow their company, stay compliant and protect their brand.
Third-party email marketers ("affiliates") will help grow your business significantly. Your company's subscriber list is only so big. And third-party marketers will reach a much wider audience.

Third-party marketers, which include list managers and marketing affiliates, execute emails campaigns on your company's behalf to their unique subscriber lists. Establishing a third-party affiliate program is an effective marketing strategy for expanding your business.
Ezepo is serious about your company's security. It is built on industry-leading, cloud based architecture. We incorporate security and privacy into the design of the product, from conception to development, deployment and post-release support. We have a clear, comprehensive security policy and disaster recovery plan. We draw on industry best practices and use the ISO/IEC 27001 family of standards. These are the best set of requirements for information security management.

Ezepo is committed to safeguarding your information. Only authorized team members are granted access when it is critical to complete tasks for you. Your data is securely collected, distributed and duplicated in two locations and backed-up in real-time. Ezepo protects your opt-out data from misuse by third-parties using MD5 encryption, And access controls let you determine how your opt-out data is distributed.
MD5 is hashing technology that uses algorithms to transform a string of text into character strings called "hashes." It is virtually impossible to read original, un-hashed text by looking at the hashed result. The National Institute for Standards and Technology requires government agencies to use hashing algorithms for securing unclassified, sensitive data. This is the same method used by Ezepo to protect your data.
Managing opt-out list abuse by adding seeds (fake email addresses that capture violations) to an opt-out list is an old practice that has no value. And yet, it is still being used by other compliance providers. We do not seed lists. We build security features that help prevent abuse from happening in the first place.

The FTC states in their National Do Not Email Registry: A Report to Congress, 2004, "Furthermore, seeding the database would not prevent abuse. It merely would make it possible to detect misuse of the Registry after the Registry has been compromised. By the time misuse is detected, however, the ‘cat is already out of the bag.'"
Yes. Ezepo works with companies of every size and adapts easily as enterprise application software (EAS). It was designed with that purpose in mind: to gather data from multiple email deployment systems in a hub for ultimate opt-out compliance.
Your Ezepo account will be ready within 24 hours. However, custom solutions require us to modify our tech to fit yours - although we're quick.

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