Email Compliance SoftwareEzepo provides list scrubbing tools and email marketing software to help supervise your third-party email marketing compliance for large and small affiliates and companies and can help protect your brand. Without an ECS or Email Compliance Software, email marketing penalties can damage your brand and drain your business’ finances. To keep you in the know, Ezepo provides crucial alerts concerning non-compliant activities and vital email marketing oversight. It is an indispensable part of any business’ risk management strategy.

Protect Your Brand with Email Compliance Software by Ezepo

If you want to know if your brand is protected and if you are actually overseeing your third-party marketing compliance at the moment then consider the following questions and review the answers. If your response is no or you are just unsure, then contact Ezepo today and be well on your way to using an email marketing software that will help you stay compliant.

Here’s a look at some of the features and benefits our Email Compliance Software has to offer:

  • Adaptable as a business enterprise-level software
  • Alerts about excessive or disproportionate opt-outs
  • Non-compliant email audits
  • Oversees the compliance of third-party marketing
  • Prevents re-marketing to clients and prospects
  • Protected by a secure cloud-based architecture
  • Real-time back-ups for your protection
  • Tracking that helps you know if affiliates have become non-compliant

What You Need To Know About Third-Party Email Marketing

Can I engage an external organization to send promotional emails for my business?

As the person authorizing the message, it is important that you remember your obligations (as stipulated under the Spam Act) to avoid being held responsible for any breaches that may occur.

If you opt to use another business/organization to send promotional emails on your behalf, take the time to, first of all, find out more about the measures the organization has taken to ensure Spam Act Compliance before contracting its services. Before sending any messages, make sure that the recipients have given you the permission to do so. The third party shouldn’t send any message unless opt-in consent exists. At the same time, the third party should:

  • Include accurate and precise information that identifies who you are in all its messages.
  • Provide recipients an unsubscribe facility through which they can unsubscribe from your email list or database.

Here’s what you need to know when you’ve have provided your marketing company contractor a list of email addresses:

To ensure that you do not breach the Spam Act, make sure that all your message senders have taken the necessary steps to ensure consent exists before they send messages to anyone on the marketing list. For more on sending messages, check the common questions about marketing activities section. As the authorizer of any and all messages, you are responsible (legally) for proving that consent exists; however, your contractor may also by implicated for causing a message to be sent. It is important to ensure that your contractor is fully aware of their requirements under the Spam Act and that they should ensure that unsubscribe requests are all fed back to the database. Using email compliance software will save you a lot of time and hefty fines in some instances.

When using an emailing list provided by your affiliate, contractor or any other company that emails on your behalf, find out if it is Third-Party Marketing compliant to safeguard your brand!

Under such circumstances, it is vital that you stay aware of the consents/permissions that you are relying on. It isn’t enough to just assume that the contractor has permission just because they provided you a list.

  1. Find out where the list was sourced.
  2. How was the account holders’ details obtained?
  3. How were the opt-in consents given?

What you need to know when you’ve sourced an emailing list from a third party.

Make sure that you adhere to all Third-Party Email Marketing Compliance rules and that you have consent/permission before sending any messages. Read more on this topic – Overseeing Third Party Email Compliance dos and don’ts.

For more information on Suppression Lists, List Scrubbing Tools, and Email Compliance Software contact the Ezepo team.